Handcrafted using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible

Republic of Soap® is pleased to announce the launch of our own, unique, luxury lineup of plant based body care products. Our new line of custom skincare products in a variety of categories that are commonly requested by our clientele to be made from botanically based products for a complete skin care regimen that will pamper, soothe and illuminate the skin. Our signature line is designed to be:

• Free of Petroleum
• Free of Parabens
• Non-Comedogenic (Won’t clog pores)
• Free of Phthalates
• Cruelty-Free

We are excited about the new skincare products we’re offering to include everything you need to clean, pamper and improve your skin’s moisture level while imparting a natural glow of health. Whatever your skin concerns are, our new skincare line has a solution.

SHAMPOO: Cleanse your hair and scalp with our mild and lightweight shampoo to help soften and add shine. Instantly preps hair for soft, touchable volume that lasts all day. Creates a delightful, creamy lather and helps to add body and fullness. Work a dab into wet hair, lather and rinse. Follow with our signature Conditioner.
KEY INGREDIENTS - Panthenol (Pro-Vitamin B5), polyquaternium 10, aloe vera and citric acid): Moisture balancing, promotes healthy hair.

CONDITIONER: Deeply moisturizes the full length of your precious locks with softening coconut oil. Formulated to restore a healthy look our luxe conditioner detangles, softens, and restores luster and bounce to all hair types, leaving hair smooth and shiny, without weighing it down.
After using Shampoo, smooth through and leave in for a minute or two. Rinse thoroughly.
KEY INGREDIENTS - Coconut Oil: strengthens and conditions the hair shaft Cetearyl Alcohol: lubrication, moisture retention. Cetrimonium Chloride: combability, elasticity, softness, static reduction. Dimethicone: gloss, smoothness.

BODY WASH: Enhance your shower routine with our refreshing and effective foaming body wash. Designed to leave skin clean, smooth and comfortable. Indulge in a foaming bath or cleanse and refresh in the shower with this gentle soap-free formula. Massage onto the body and rinse in bath or shower. Suitable for all skin types.
KEY INGREDIENTS - Aloe Vera Extract: Adds soothing and moisturizing properties. Indian Ocean Sea Salt: Supplies skin with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.

BODY LOTION: Enriched with coconut oil, our deeply moisturizing handmade custom blended lotion is readily absorbed to instantly hydrate and condition, while its fragrance-diffusing properties help to radiate scent from the skin. Treat your body to a little bespoke and nourishing TLC...your skin will thank you for it!
Suitable for all skin types.
KEY INGREDIENTS - Coconut Oil/Avocado Oil/Sweet Almond Oil: Improves skin texture. Shea Butter: Moisturizes and conditions. Aloe Vera Extract: Adds soothing and moisturizing properties.

NATURAL SOAP: There's nothing quite like a good old-fashioned bar of soap. Rolling it between your palms and watching the lather foam over your fingers can be hypnotically therapeutic, so upgrade your daily shower with this rich, luxurious lathering bar containing shea butter and a blend of luxurious oils to help restore the skin’s tone and balance. Suitable for all skin types.
KEY INGREDIENTS - Coconut Oil: Creates a creamy rich lather and cleanses skin. Shea Butter: Moisturizes and conditions.

DEODORANT: Our Natural Mineral Deodorant, when applied properly can provide 24-hour odor protection, without preservatives or aluminum chlorohydrate. Hypoallergenic and made with naturally-derived *potassium alum mineral salt to help fight odor-causing bacteria, it will leave you feeling confidently fresh all day.
Suitable for all skin types.
KEY INGREDIENTS - Potassium Alum: Antimicrobial properties protect against odor without clogging pores. Aloe Vera Extract: Adds soothing and moisturizing properties.

Free from palm oil, parabens, phthalates, mineral oils, and formaldehyde.
Republic of Soap® is a cruelty-free brand. We don't test on animals.

While we are working on launching our online store soon, please contact our sales team via Whatsapp here: +6281139408081 they will be happy to assist you with your questions.

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Republic of Soap - Signature Collection
Republic of Soap - Body Wash
Republic of Soap - Body Wash Shampoo Conditioner
Republic of Soap - Body Wash
Republic of Soap® upcoming retail categories and line up Stay tuned ;) :

New at Republic of Soap®

We care deeply about your health and safety which is why we are closely monitoring the current situation and are committed to taking the appropriate steps to navigate this challenging time by supporting you and the greater community as best we can.

As Bali (and beyond) starts to open up again for commerce and social activity, we are committed to helping jump start this 'new normal' by offering *UP TO 50% OFF our cleanAF HANDY LINE of products that is geared towards ultimate and continued hygiene. These discounts apply to both retail and wholesale orders**, for a limited time only.

Republic of Soap - the complete cleanAF line-up:

HANDY GEL: Made to clean/sanitize hands without drying them out. Handcrafted small batches from alcohol with 96% purity, the base of the product is a modified Aloe Vera Gel that is easy to spread and use. The scent is uplifting citrus - which consists of Tea Tree essential oil and much more...

HANDY WASH: A healing and convenient hand wash that combines a synergistic 100% essential oil blend with natural botanicals known to have antiviral action in a pure vegetable foaming base that naturally cleanses and disinfects. Carefully formulated to defend and condition the skin with gentle ingredients, therapeutic-grade essential oils, aloe vera and vitamin E.

HANDY SOAP: We combine a synergistic 100% essential oil blend with natural botanicals known to have antiviral action into a pure vegetable base that cleanses and purifies skin. This 100% natural cold-process bar soap is handmade from whole ingredients and requires approximately 4 weeks for each bar to cure before use.

HANDY SPRAY: Travel-size antiseptic aromatherapy disinfectant spray that is formulated to sanitize, cleanse and refresh hands or use for hard and soft surfaces such as face masks, helmets, yoga mats, handles, car seats etc to neutralize odor causing bacteria. Contains 98% alcohol by volume. No wiping required.

HANDY X: (coming soon) Our highly effective Multi-Surface Disinfectant cleaner starts to work instantly and is highly effective with killing germs and viruses within 15-25 seconds of application to keep you and your family safe from harmful bacteria. Extra powerful to keep surfaces clean with a beautiful streak-free finish and formulated for every day use.

Our entire cleanAF HANDY LINE is:
- BPOM approved
- without petroleum distillates
- paraben-free
- against animal testing
- vegan-friendly

cleanAF handy gel by republic of soap cleanaf handy wash by republic of soap cleanaf handy soap by republic of soap cleanaf handy spray by republic of soap
Hand Sanitizer Handy Gel 500ml Handy Wash 500ml Handy Soap 100g Handy Spray 30ml
250.000,- Rp 150.000,- Rp 50.000,- Rp
40.000,- Rp
50% off = 125.000,- Rp 40% off = 90.000,- Rp 40% off = 30.000,- Rp
40% off = 24.000,- Rp
1L Bottle = 200.000,- Rp (400.000 Rp)
1L Refill = 180.000,- Rp (360.000 Rp)
5L Refill = 138.000,- Rp /ltr
5Lx5 Refill = 115.000,- Rp /ltr
1L Bottle = 150.000,- Rp (250.000 Rp)
1L Refill = 121.000,- Rp (220.000 Rp)
5L Refill = 99.000,- Rp /ltr
5Lx5 Refill = 88.000,- Rp /ltr
100g x 10pcs = 25.000,- Rp/pcs
60g = 21.000,- Rp (was 35.000,- Rp)
60g x 10pcs = 17.500,- Rp/pcs

larger sizes available on request

We've got you covered ! 🦠

*on selected sizes only, NO minimum purchase quantity required
**bulk prices are per liter, including taxes, unless otherwise stated

Limited Time Offer valid through July 15, 2020. *This offer is subject to availability

To order contact our sales team via Whatsapp here: +6281139408081

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Republic of Soap - cleanAF Soap
Republic of Soap - cleanAF Handy Gel Sanitizer
Republic of Soap - cleanAF Soap


We've taken inspiration from a time when work often involved actual sweat, chivalry wasn’t considered old- fashioned and when you would never put the word "salad" next to "bar".

But as the end of one era brought on another where convenience and immediacy was all too easily accessed - something happened. Men were encouraged to lose their DIY attitude and put away their lug wrenches so they could pick up digital devices to google for help instead. Real old school substance was replaced by the flash of guys taking selfies here, there and everywhere. And instead of getting up before dawn to get real stuff done, men started going to the gym at 9 a.m. to ride pretend bicycles.
Our BIGASSBRICK collection serves to make available superior-quality grooming goods reminiscent of a bygone era that meet the high standards of today's hard-working man. Cast with good intention and tested by guys who don't cry when they get a splinter in their finger.

From the forest to the sea, choose your adventure with our BIGASSBRICK favorites:

BIGASSBRICK by Republic of Soap

SURF'S UP - saltwater soap:

You'll be stoked when you have this "bomb" inspired creation in your hand! This aggro-friendly, all-natural bar features slightly exfoliating and nourishing coarse Indian Ocean sea salt that helps to feed your skin with many trace minerals. Deeply nourishing shea butter is added to soften, soothe and condition you between sessions. Totally rad!
BIGASSBRICK by Republic of Soap

TRUE GRIT - heavy exfoliation:

Formulated for real men, who like to get dirty. At home on the range or in your modern apartment in the sky, our combination of volcanic zeolite, steel-cut oats, Balinese black rice and activated charcoal work in synergy to effectively slough away old skin cells, exposing the new you. The scent is deeply engaging and manly, but be prepared to fight for it because women love it just as much!
BIGASSBRICK by Republic of Soap

COOL BALLS - smooth & creamy:

After combining liquid menthol, essential oils of eucalyptus, peppermint and spearmint, we found that the only thing cooler and fresher than showering with this beautifully crafted bar would be taking a birthday suit dip in a crystal clear spring surrounded by nothing but snow-capped mountains and sunshine. The wonderfully classic scent may prompt you to say, "Anybody wanna Tic Tac?" every time you step into your shower.
BIGASSBRICK by Republic of Soap

COFFEE BREAK - moderately exfoliating & textural:

We took our time to cold-brew this upcycled beast of a bar - a coffee creation that will energize your shower, jump-start your skin, and supercharge your day with shea butter, plus top notch fine + medium ground arabica and robusta coffee beans. Our high-quality coffee bar would even make Baloo consider it one of the bear necessities of life!
BIGASSBRICK by Republic of Soap

PEOPLE'S SOAP - Heinz 57:

We combine all our soap off-cuts and incorporate them into this old-fashioned bar that contains quite simply everything we make in it, for that fond 'that reminds me of my grandmother' feeling. Since we don't add any extra fragrance, there is a mild and natural vegetal scent that will remind you of the good old days, when times were in a word, simpler. Made by the people, for the people.
BIGASSBRICK by Republic of Soap

MORNING WOOD - lightly textural:

Whether you're aging whiskey or building awesome dude furniture, there's nothing like the feel of grabbing some solid wood in the morning. That's why we created this all-star bar - so you can get that rugged, woodsy feeling of nature every time you step into the shower. With upcycled and sustainable Teak wood powder plus oils of cedarwood and pine, you'll feel ultra-manly when you grab this heavy-hitter that knocks out grime and sinks stink in one fell swoop.
BIGASSBRICK - Cleanliness Amplified
To order contact our sales team via Whatsapp here: +6281139408081

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