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New at Republic of Soap

INTRODUCING the newest member of our cleanAF family - our carefully formulated HANDY SOAP, that uses a synergistic blend of pure essential oils to thwart against bacteria, virus and fungi. Together with our HANDY GEL Sanitizer, these two make a great team to ensure every day protection for you and your family. Available in 60 and 100grams. Our HANDY WASH is the latest addition to our #cleanAF family which combines a synergistic 100% essential oil blend with natural botanicals in a pure vegetable foaming base that naturally cleanses and disinfects.

Stay tuned, We've got you covered 🦠!

*no synthetic ingredients *no sulfates *no preservatives *no animal testing *vegan-friendly *BPOM registered

Our Handy Gel is formulated to sanitize hands without drying them out.

Hand crafted small batches, the base of the product is a modified Aloe Vera Gel, that is thickened, so that when blended with 70% alcohol (FYI - our alcohol is 96% pure), it still remains in light gel format that is easy to use.

The scent is uplifting citrus - which consists of Tea Tree essential oil (which is known for antiviral effectiveness), Cold Pressed Lemon essential oil (also great for killing germs) and Lemon Yuzu Oil which is a very perky and happy scent.

Our Handy Gel comes in the following Packaging: 70ml Tube, 70ml Bottle, 100ml Tube, 240ml Bottle, 500ml Bottle, 1L Pump Bottle, 1L Refill Pouch, 5L Refill Container, Zero Waste Refill.

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Republic of Soap - cleanAF Soap
Republic of Soap - cleanAF Handy Gel Sanitizer
Republic of Soap - cleanAF Soap

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