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Our Story

We create exquisite natural body care products using the purest natural ingredients available. Our products are made from simple yet wholesome recipes developed to the highest standards and are intended to give pleasure to daily life. Many of our hand made products begin with fresh, whole, organic plants that like whole foods, contain a wide spectrum of nourishing compounds. Our natural body care collections are inspired by traditional and contemporary herbal wisdom, and formulated with deep appreciation for the healing potential of the natural world.


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Natural Living





Enjoy the feel, scent and purity of our naturally inspired collections. Each day we carefully handcraft products holistically designed to lift your senses and brighten your day!

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Perfecting the Blend



Our Artisan Soap is handmade through a cold process retaining raw ingredients and maintaining valuable benefits of the pure essential oils. This process also preserves the naturally occurring high glycerin content. Feel the difference in and out of the shower with fragrant aromatherapy & moisture rich ingredients.