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Introducing, the Republic of Soap - Experience!

Unleash your creativity at our expanded DIY stations, crafting personalized perfumes, body care wonders, and more – expertly blended and poured at our one-of-a-kind mixing bar.

While we’re adding final touches before the grand opening celebration, join us to explore hidden treasures in every corner during this exclusive soft opening phase.

Doors are open from 10am to 6pm and we look forward to seeing you! 🛍️✨

Explore. Express. Elevate. Your way.

Click the link for location details. ( Seminyak - Petitenget ) ex. Hu'u Bar
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Our almost edible Menu
We create exquisite natural body care products using the purest natural ingredients available. Our products are made from simple yet wholesome recipes developed to the highest standards and are intended to give pleasure to daily life. Many of our handmade products begin with fresh, whole, organic plants that, like whole foods, contain a wide spectrum of nourishing compounds. Our natural body care collections are inspired by traditional and contemporary herbal wisdom - formulated with deep appreciation for the healing potential of the natural world. Some of our products are considered to be “raw” because they are made of whole-food type ingredients, although eating them is not recommended!
Enjoy the feel, scent and purity of our naturally inspired collections

Handmade. Fresh. Daily.

Body Care

Targeting your individual concerns with a range that's universally bespoke, we've created a comprehensive collection of creams, cleansers, serums and salts to help balance your modern lifestyle by bringing forward the wisdom of the past. Our naturally inspired skincare products gently work in harmony with your skin. Recipes can be formulated for all skin types and ages.


Our luxurious range of natural soap is made using 100% pure ingredients, including essential oils to create our uplifting, nurturing scents. We offer organic natural soap products and other eco-friendly options. Custom three-dimensional cast soaps and White Label logo stamping is available upon request.


Why not create a one-of-a-kind signature scent to help connect your brand with your customers in a deeper more memorable way? Whether you’re looking for a custom scent for your hotel, yacht, retail store, event or high-end property, we offer a seamless experience from creation of the fragrance to the finished product, no matter what diffusion method you choose.

Handcrafted in Bali, with love.
Crafted by hand, in small batches
Republic of Soap - Handmade Soaps
Republic of Soap - Handmade Soaps
Republic of Soap - Handmade Soap Stamps
Our pure natural handmade soaps are carefully created in a fashion that is reminiscent of a bygone era, with love in every bar! Part science part patience and dedication, our range uses only the purest that nature has to offer. Free from petroleum additives, fillers, animal by-products and artificial colors. BPOM certified.


Introducing: Mission Zero Waste ♻️ 🌏

You now can re'fill your own containers with our complete body care line of handmade products.

Our Health. Our Planet. BPOM certified.

  • Republic of Soap - Mission Zero Waste
  • Republic of Soap - Zero Waste Body Care Refill Station
  • Republic of Soap - Mission Zero Waste
  • Republic of Soap - Mission Zero Waste
  • Republic of Soap - Mission Zero Waste
  • Republic of Soap - Mission Zero Waste
  • Republic of Soap - Mission Zero Waste

Mission Zero Waste

Amazing Skin

Skin care is probably more important than most people realize, and the harsh truth is that a lot of us neglect to do what’s best for our skin. The skin is our largest organ and first line of defense against the elements so we all owe it to ourselves to take proper care of it. It’s not always about aesthetics either because healthy skin protects your entire body.

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Republic of soap recognizes that no two people are alike, and even with naturally derived ingredients, some individuals may develop an adverse reaction that is unique to them. As with any product, be sure to discontinue use if you experience an allergic reaction, have discomfort, or other indications that the product may not be appropriate for your individual body chemistry.