Tanning Oil SPF 15 - Chocolate & Vanilla - 100ml

150 000,00 IDR

Natural tan enhancer, that not only gives the skin a golden glow but also contains antioxidants to help protect skin from UV and elemental damage. It has anti-aging effects that improve skin tone and complexion, works as an effective moisturizer and protects against sunburn. Function / Kegunaan: Helps you achieve the perfect tan while protecting your skin. / Membantu mencapai warna kulit yang coklat sempurna serta melindungi kulit anda. Instructions for Use / Cara Penggunaan: Pour the desired amount of your tanning oil into the palms of your hands, and spread and rub the oil evenly across all exposed areas. / Tuang minyak tanning ke telapak tangan anda, balurkan dan oleskan minyak secara merata di seluruh area yang terbuka. included: 1pcs - *some pictures may show multiple quantities for informative purposes only

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Republic of soap recognizes that no two people are alike, and even with naturally derived ingredients, some individuals may develop an adverse reaction that is unique to them. As with any product, be sure to discontinue use if you experience an allergic reaction, have discomfort, or other indications that the product may not be appropriate for your individual body chemistry.